Best Way to Clean Air Ducts

If you imagine the amount of dust and debris that finds its way into your air ducts, it's only reasonable to keep your ducts and vents clean. Dust, dander, dirt, hair, bug fragments, and other contaminants usually hang in your ducts and vents if they are not regularly cleaned. The air you breathe in your home usually travels through these ducts and therefore needs to be thoroughly cleaned in order to access quality air. 

If dust particles are present in your air ducts, every time you turn on the air conditioner, these contaminants spread all over your home. This can be a real danger to your health as well as for others in your home. Sometimes it's not possible to see dust particles with your naked eyes, so because you don't see them doesn't mean they are not present. You may want to clean your air ducts yourself or hire a professional team to do it for you. Here is how to clean your air ducts yourself. 

Required Tools for Doing it Yourself (DIY)

Here are some of the things you need in order to efficiently clean your ducts: 

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A soft and hard brush 
  • Screwdriver or Hex driver – for opening duct connections 
  • Soapy water 
  • A cleaning cloth for wiping the duct surface
  • Gloves and a dust mask 

Cleaning Process  

1. Turn on the Fan 

You can turn on the fan during the cleaning process in order to blow away the dust in the air outside of the house and avoid having a stuffy room. During the cleaning process, some dust may accumulate around the house and therefore, the fan will blow it out. 

2. Remove the Vent and Duct Covers and Wash Them 

Use the screwdriver to remove the top covers. Then use the soapy water and the cleaning cloth to wash them and ensure they are completely clean. 

3. Loosen Dust in the Ducts 

Start knocking off any dust buildup in the ductwork. Simply use the brush to tap on the accessible ductwork. Tapping will help to break up any deposits of dampened dust present in the ductwork. This makes it easy to blow it away using vacuum pressure.  

4. Vacuum the Air Ducts 

Use the nozzle and the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust present in the ductwork. If there is still dust remaining on the surfaces, use water and cloth to wipe them off. Make sure the registers are properly cleaned. 

5. Change Air Filters 

Air filters are usually covered with a lot of dust because that is their major purpose, to filter out dust from the air. This means that they will most probably be brown in color as a result of the dust. Changing the air filters ensures that your home will have access to quality air. 

6. Return the Covers

After cleaning the ducts and the covers, return them back to their position and ensure that they are fitted properly to avoid air leakages.

Hire Professionals 

Even though you can do the basic cleaning yourself, it is highly recommendable to hire a professional to do a thorough job. Your home has various electrical equipment and ductwork that can only be properly accessed through a professional service provider with experience and expertise in cleaning off every contaminant. Some parts, such as fan housings, motors, and cooling coils could be covered with dust, which only requires someone with experience to handle everything carefully and professionally. Here is what to expect from a professional cleaning service provider, like Hunter Best Cleaning: 

  • Inspect the system before cleaning starts to ensure that there are no asbestos-containing materials. These materials require handling with special care. 
  • Use high-efficiency vacuum equipment to exhaust particles outside your home. 
  • Protect your carpet as well as other household furnishings when cleaning.
  • Utilize properly-controlled brushes for fiberglass ducts. 
  • Take care of the ductwork all through to avoid any form of damage during the cleaning process. 
  • Follow standards for air duct cleaning 

At Hunter Best Cleaning, we have professional cleaning service providers that effectively clean your ducts and other components and leave them thoroughly clean. We bring professional cleaning experience to offices, malls, apartment and condo complexes, and large commercial buildings. Our team is extensively trained and will ensure detailed cleaning of your space. Contact us below to learn more about our services and get started! 

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