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Cross Contamination Prevention in Home Cleaning

Using the same cleaning equipment to clean different surfaces around the house achieves the opposite effect. Instead of getting a clean and healthier place, doing so often promotes the harmful act of cross-contamination. Cross-contamination is the spread of pathogens from one surface to another that could be potentially dangerous to human or pet health. It occurs in various stages throughout the cleaning process, especially when using a single rag or cloth for multiple cleaning purposes. This post overviews how we prevent cross-contamination, including our effective color-coded rag system we use when cleaning.

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Cross Contamination Prevention in Home Cleaning

Dangers of Cross-Contamination in Home Cleaning

Cross-contamination can pose a significant threat to human and pet health. Using the same rags that you use to clean the bathroom to clean the kitchen, for instance, can spread unwanted germs throughout the house, which can increase your susceptibility to illnesses. That could lead to food poisoning since you might come into contact with contaminated food. At Hunter Best Cleaning, we use an effective color-coded system to avoid cross-contamination and its effects at all costs.

Hunter Best Cleaning Color-Coded Rags System Prevents Cross Contamination

Hunter Best Cleaning utilizes a color-coded rag system that prevents cross-contamination when cleaning. We adopted this system so our professional cleaners can effectively eliminate germs from any home.

We also ensure all rags used for cleaning a specific home are separately washed in the laundry to avoid cross-contamination through the laundry. Overall, our color-coded system significantly minimizes any chance of cross-contamination at any stage of the cleaning process.

Hunter Best Cleaning Color-Coded Rags System Prevents Cross Contamination

Extra Tips to Avoid Cross Contamination when Cleaning

At Hunter Best Cleaning, we apply these extra measures to avoid or minimize the risk of cross-contamination when cleaning your house:

  • Use microfiber: Microfiber attracts up to 99% of bacteria and pathogens. Most of our rags are microfiber, so rest assured your home surfaces will be effectively cleaned for cleaning. When using a microfiber rag in the bathroom, we ensure to use a light-colored rag. This helps us avoid any bleeding from bleach and acidic cleaners that are used in bathrooms. 
  • Specialty Rags: Certain surfaces in your home are cleaned best with special materials. For instance, we use lint-free cloths to clean your windows to avoid smudges. We also use a special type of rag treated with mineral oils to pick up maximum amounts of dust without leaving marks on walls, framed artwork, books, bookshelves, and some furniture. The use of these special rags makes our color-coded system even more important for the efficiency and avoidance of cross-contamination. 
  • Clean equipment appropriately: All of our cleaning equipment is properly cared for and upkept. For instance, we clean our tools after each service. We always use a fresh mop when entering a new home to prevent bringing contaminants from one home to another. Additionally, we use fresh vacuum bags and clean the filters before every cleaning. 
  • Extra Care with Organizing Chemicals and Cleaning Products: Our color-coded system helps our team identify at a glance what products are used in each area. For instance, the gray-colored rag used for stainless steel appliances would not be used to clean a door or window. Knowing that the gray rags have oil-based cleaners for stainless steel helps our team move quickly without making the mistake of smudging a window with the wrong products. 
  • Fold our rags into fourths: We fold our rags four times to have eight cleaning surfaces. This ensures we maximize a rag's use in each room and on the proper surfaces to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Our cleaners also pay attention to overlooked areas like the dirtiest place in your home: the garbage disposal. In order to keep the garbage disposal area clean, we pour vinegar and baking soda down the drain on a weekly basis to keep the area disinfected. We also use a dedicated brush to scrub around the garbage disposal. 

How Our Color-Coded Rag System Makes Your Home Even Cleaner

For the best cleaning results, we ensure our professional cleaners at Hunter Best Cleaning follow a strict cleaning procedure. It helps our team stay organized when cleaning to increase efficiency while avoiding mistakes. One of our primary goals is to prevent pathogens from spreading throughout your house to leave you with the cleanest spaces in your home. If you want your home to look and smell clean, we have to take the extra steps to clean deeply and avoid cross-contamination so your the aromatics in your home can look, feel, and smell the cleanest that it ever has. 

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