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Why to Switch to a New Cleaning Service in 2023

For whatever reason, your current cleaning service just isn't cutting it anymore. Your cleaner may have been great at first, but lately, you feel unsatisfied. You notice lingering cobwebs and dust bunnies immediately after an appointment; that stain on your carpet is still there, even after you asked your cleaner to remove it, and the new staff members always take a rude tone with you. 

You don't deserve that kind of treatment — and you certainly don't have to keep paying for that service. Give yourself the gift of a fresh start this new year by leaving behind the cleaning service that no longer serves you. Instead, enter 2023 with a capable team at your side and leave your cleaner woes in the past!

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Why Should You Switch Your Luxury Home Cleaning Service?

Why Should You Switch Your Luxury Home Cleaning Service?

There are many reasons you should swap cleaning services. Your current cleaner isn't meeting your standards, or you may find more competitive prices elsewhere. Let's discuss these reasons and other tell-tale signs it's time to find a new home cleaning service


Is your home missing its signature sparkle? Maybe the hardwood doesn't shine like it used to, or your marble countertops are dull and stained; perhaps the windows are streaked with grime, or your tile grout is less than pristine; these are all indications your cleaner likely isn't providing the quality you desire. The only way to solve a lack of quality is to find a new cleaning service that can provide care that's up to your standards.  


 Have you ever had an inconsistent cleaner? The service may have you raving in a positive review one day, then raving in a not-so-good way the next. A situation like this is especially tricky if you have your home cleaned frequently. Some homeowners continue recurring appointments with inconsistent cleaners longer than they should, out of the hope that they'll shape up soon. Unfortunately, that doesn't usually happen. 

A cleaning company that is inconsistent in quality is, ironically, often consistent in its inconsistency. The results of this cleaning service will continue fluctuating as long as you continue hiring them. You'll always be on the hook, waiting for them to improve — and they never truly will. 


Some cleaning companies use the New Year as an excuse to raise prices for their clients. If that's what you're experiencing, you can easily look online to find competitive prices from other luxury cleaners. At Hunter Best Cleaning, for example, we offer better prices for a much higher-quality result — that's why we consider ourselves the best! 


Have you ever asked your cleaner whether they're insured? It's not an obvious question, but it's an important one. If an employee knocks over an expensive lamp or damages the couch you spent way more than you should have on, will they repay your damages? In addition to covering accidental damages, at Hunter Best Cleaning, our insurance covers liability for employees should they get hurt on the job. 

While checking qualifications, look to see if your cleaner is a certified business with the State of California. You may also want to ask if they use green, cruelty-free, pet-friendly, or vegan products. Not all cleaners can meet these requirements, but Hunter Best Cleaning prides itself on creating a clean home without damaging it, your family, your pets, or the environment. 

Trustworthiness & Personal Service 

The relationship between you and your cleaner is significant. You grant cleaners unfettered access to your home and personal belongings. You should be able to trust that the staff respects your possessions, personal space, confidentiality, and family. 

Even more so, you deserve a home cleaner that exceeds your expectations with top-notch quality and fantastic customer care. That's the standard of care every Hunter Best Cleaning employee dedicates themselves to providing. It's part of our company values. Plus, confidentiality is something our most exclusive customers and expensive homes cause the most. Our company promise is to keep your home, belongings, and privacy safe throughout 

Save Money 

If your home cleaner isn't doing a proper job, it costs you money. Having a squeaky-clean home means you'll pay less in upkeep over time, so a neglectful cleaner will force you to shell out more money for repairs and maintenance. 

How to Switch Upscale cleaners 

How to Switch Upscale Cleaners 

Deciding to switch luxury cleaners is the first step. The next is ensuring you make a decision you'll be satisfied with for years to come. We recommend looking at reviews and work experience, running a background check, and interviewing cleaning candidates before choosing who to hire. 

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Why Switch Now?

"New Year, new me," isn't that how the saying goes? Now is the perfect time for a change — especially if you're unsatisfied with your cleaning service. Don't put up with anything less than what you deserve in 2023. Get started with a new and improved cleaner today. 

Why Hunter Best Cleaning?

Some cleaning services lose quality over time; they become more expensive for worse results. You lose trust in the employees to be around your belongings and family. We understand how frustrating an experience like that is.

So, Hunter Best Cleaning provides services you can trust with unmatched quality, competitive pricing, and guaranteed consistency. Shake off the bad vibes of your previous cleaner and start your 2023 with the best: Hunter Best Cleaning! 

Learn more about why you should hire us. Or take the first step towards the best home cleaning of your life by scheduling a walkthrough appointment with Hunter Best Cleaning.

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